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Everything We DoIs For Real

Our purpose is to cultivate a better world. The values we stand by guide everything we do—not only our words, but our actions. They are reflected in the relationships we cultivate and the environment we create every day. The difference is real.

Crew member happily serves Chipotle bowls and burritos to restaurant guests.

The Line is the
Moment of Truth

Both our front line and digital line is where we emphasize pride in our employees. By openly displaying our hard work, dedicated customer service, and excellent culinary skills, we let our customers appreciate the behind-the-scenes of their burrito bowls.

Chipotle Crew members make handmashed guac daily with large avocado masher in a stainless steel bowl.

Teach and
Taste Chipotle

We’re known for our blend of bold flavors with reliably real ingredients and we are committed to making every bite worthwhile. We value employees that understand and believe in our mission. If you get our food, our business, and our people, you’re in the right place.

Chipotle Crew members gather in the restaurant for a happy group photo.

Lives Here

Think about it, you don’t want to eat something that’s pretending to be chicken. Just as we work with real ingredients, we work with real people. Don’t be shy to show every color of your personality. We want the real you.

Aerial photo of a farm that supplies Chipotle with fresh ingredients in the restaurant.

The Movement
is Real

Chipotle takes a stand for what is right, and we hope you feel supported enough to do the same—even when it’s hard. We believe in creating a culture people feel proud to be a part of. Cultivating a better world starts with our people.

Our vision for people is to cultivate an environment where you can thrive and pursue your passion. We believe in creating an inclusive, diverse environment and treating everyone with respect at all times.