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Personal Development From Day One Personal Development From Day One

You won’t find microwaves, can openers, or freezers here. So don’t expect to find typical job descriptions, either. Being part of the Chipotle crew means learning the skills to grow as a person and a leader. Nurturing the growth of our people is a large part of our mission to cultivate a better world.

Culinary and Business Chops

Chipotle Kitchen Crew member prepping fresh green bell peppers by chopping with a knife on the cutting board.

Beyond your knife skills, you’ll learn about food quality, safety, hospitality, and the business side of what it takes to run a restaurant.

Leadership Programs

Chipotle Restaurant Manager is training a new Crew member to build bowls and burritos for restaurant guests.

Our path to leadership can take as little as 18 months and includes programs like Cultivate U, which prepares you to lead a team.

Benefits to Go Beyond

Chipotle restaurant sign on the outside of the restaurant on a sunny day.

From our debt-free college degree program to health and wellness benefits, we take our commitment to our people seriously.

Cultivating the Best You Cultivating the Best You

Start Here, Grow Here

We love promoting from within. In fact, over 80% of our leaders started as Crew Members and have found a career at Chipotle.

Unreal Benefits

If you want to grow, we’ll do everything in our power to help you through our industry-leading benefits program.

See All Benefits
  1. Crew, Full Time $35,000 Crew, Full Time Chart
  2. Kitchen Manager $41,000 Kitchen Manager Chart
  3. Service Manager $44,000 Service Manager Chart
  4. Apprentice $62,000 Apprentice Chart
  5. General Manager $80,000 General Manager Chart
  6. Certified Training Manager $95,000 Certified Training Manager Chart
  7. Restaurateur $100,000 Restaurateur Chart
Base Pay Benefits
& Bonus

The company-wide averages reflected above are for illustrative purposes only; actual individual compensation will vary based on performance and other factors.

Stories of Real Success and Inspiration Stories of Real Success and Inspiration

We never tire of seeing our people succeed or sharing their stories with the world. Which is why we’re sharing just a few here. At our core, we want to make a difference in the lives of our crew and our customers.


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