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Real StudentsReal Summer INtern Program

Our Chipotle Summer Intern Program is an exciting opportunity for aspiring students to immerse themselves in our mission and values to Cultivate A Better World. Participants will gain firsthand knowledge through hands-on experiences partnering closely with our experts to learn about Chipotle's operations, from sourcing high-quality ingredients to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Our interns are exposed to numerous aspects of the business, including marketing strategies, menu innovation, and sustainable practices. Through meaningful work, collaborative projects and mentorship, they gain valuable insights into the fast-paced and innovative culture that defines Chipotle.


Join Lily, a 2023 Chipotle Intern, as she takes you through her day. You will see a few of the ways our interns get to experience business activities and have some fun along the way.

watch lily's day

CHIPOTLE'S Real 2024
Summer INtern Program

Want to embark on a real-world journey with Chipotle's summer internship? See how smart students learn from experts, and explore diverse aspects of the business. They experience an innovative culture with fun events and meaningful contributions.

Apply Now for a summer filled with opportunities and connections.

Newport Beach, CA
Intern Opportunities

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Columbus, OH
Intern Opportunities

To explore the internship opportunities being offered at our Columbus, OH Restaurant Support Center

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